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Koreshan Unity Industrial Area
Buildings in Need of Repair
Koreshan Unity Large Machine Shop
Roof Damage
Koreshan Unity Small Machine Shop
Siding in Need of Replacing

Click here to make your tax-deductible donation or share our fundraising campaign to help save the beautiful buildings of the Koreshan Unity Settlement Historic District.  


In 1961, the property once known as the Koreshan Unity Settlement was donated to Florida State Parks by surviving Unity members and became Koreshan State Historic Site.

Since then, the Friends of Koreshan State Historic Site and the Florida Park Service have worked to restore many of the buildings and gardens, and it’s an ongoing process. What remains of the once vibrant community of the Koreshan Unity Settlement are 11 historic structures that date from 1882-1920 and landscaped grounds with unique ornamental exotic vegetation from throughout the world.

The Florida State Park Service is paying for the repair of the roofs of the Art Hall, Founders House and Planetary Court, but not for the buildings of the Industrial Area, which includes the Large Machine Shop, Small Machine Shop, Cast Iron Cafe and the Generator Building, which houses the Fairbanks Morse generator. But need for repair and restoration doesn’t end there. The New Store, Bakery and other buildings of this historic settlement need restoration and preservation–and all buildings need ongoing maintenance. We know you are thinking:  “Why doesn’t the park service do everything?”

The answer is money; it is just not there. So we are asking for your help to Save Our Buildings that are in the National Register of Historic Places and part of America’s history. Please help us by making a donation and sharing our fundraising campaign.